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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post

Now, back to the topic here ....apparently,, which is the local phone company for Meredith, has a $31.99/month for two years internet offer, with a 30-day money back guarantee in case you do not like it or something, and this offer expires on Feb 28, 2019. Just got an ad flyer on this in today's mail.

That actually sounds pretty good? And, I assume it will work good with the You Tube-TV? ..... as viewed from either a laptop or a television set?

It says Seriously Fast Internet, no data cap, 20 Mbps starting at $31.99* for two years. Call today to see if you qualify for a higher Internet speed up to 80 Mbps available.

Dedicated local support 24/7

Add streaming services to your internet: DirecTV now, HBO now, fubo-tv, philo

$31.99* .......... * Limited time offer to new customers, existing voice only customers adding internet. Early termination fee of $129 for Internet applies. Consolidated Communications charges a Broadband Recovery Fee of $2.97 per month per Internet connection and a $5/month dry loop fee.

I have almost no clue ..... except for the 30 day money back guarantee ....... that sounds good?
Ok .... and today's Saturday, Feb 16 mail had an offer from Atlantic broadband addressed to current resident:

... ultra-fast internet and tv ... $59.99/month for two years .... includes autopay discount

... unlimited ultra-fast 100 Mbps internet with WiFi

... Stream the latest movies, shows, and live sports on any device in the house

... Find your local favorites, news, sports and weather quickly with the TiVo voice remote

... Enjoy movies and series with HBO & EPIX, and instant access to your Netflix movies account

... Call 1-855-479-8559 today ..... for just $59.99/mo for two years

Now, this is tv and internet which is a little different than the Consolidated $31.99/month internet only, plus the YouTube-TV $33.33/month, total 65.32/month.

Now I do not know, but would be very surprised if the Atlantic offer includes Tennis Channel and Turner Classic Movies with the 59.99 price, and the YouTube-TV does include them as well as local stations for abc/cbs/nbc, plus cnn, fox news, and msnbc, and bbc ... plus many other channels.
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