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Default DirectTV...

Is owned by AT&T. A company still operating in the dark ages of Ma-Bell...Bureaucrats!

I made the mistake of getting DirectTV in San Francisco with their promise to connect me in NH last spring...Then I found out they don't service my area in Meredith...I was lied to. I gave them my zip code and was promised they serviced my area...But they don't. I now have a 2 year contract I am going to get out of and pay the penalty.

Did you know that AT&T made a decision, now a long time ago, that cell phone technology was not worth pursuing because no one was going to be interested in it? I switched back to Verizon after one week of AT&T cell technology.

I now get 400 channels of DirectTv garbage and crap not worth watching. 100 of them show the same show ALL THE TIME!
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