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Default ..... 5 mini-screens across the top: You Tube-TV

After 10 days of fiddl'n and diddl'n around with You Tube-TV, it was an excellent choice, and I am surprised to know the $40/month or $100/3-months price is supposedly not just an initial offer, with the price going up after that. Apparently, this price is the price.

One of my favorite features is how You Tube-TV monitors what you watch, and creates a five mini-screen lay-out at the top of the opening page, so I get to watch Tennis Channel, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and the left half of ESPN2, all at the same time, on these five small screens that are big enough to see the content ..... before choosing what's the choice.

It does this all automatically, with no input from me ..... which is a good thing .... because I would screw it up.

I like this so much that I went out and bought a new $179 Acer 15" laptop, from Plymouth Walmart, to replace my old 11" Samsung lap top which had on/off issues .... plus is a much bigger screen.
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