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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I watched 60 minutes last week, I believe, and they had a story about a recluse that spent his whole like working on developing fuel from plants. It evolved into making plastics that would disintegrated at a certain time limit, like a time bomb, and he could control that time limit. He made fuel from plants that could go right into the tank of your car without any modifications. If you can look it up It was very interesting, check it out. It looked like it was just a matter of getting the product costs down to where it can compete with fossil fuels.
Interesting that they didn't go over and interview the folks over at Exxon/Mobile - ya know the evil "big oil" company who continues to spend a lot of time and effort developing cost effective bio fuels as well. It only makes sense think of the value of that technology if perfected…. a lost cost bio fuel would be worth a fortune.

The reason why, and excuse my cynicism, that wouldn't fit the CBS narrative of "big oil" = evil.
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