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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
Let the industry develop sound, friendly and cost effective techniques. It'll happen but not necessarily on a legislated time table. There is enough interest in recycling and people across the country have shown a willingness to but it has to make sense.

Like any other alternative energy source, don't think you'll find anyone who disagrees that renewables are a fantastic way to go, but it'll take time for the technology to fully develop. Major strides have been made in this regard and the results are getting increasingly competitive with fossil fuels... but there is a ways to go yet. Taxing the hell out of fossil fuels and government subsidizing alternative sources of energy is nothing but an expensive and artificial way to close that gap. Of course tax payers and consumers (in most cases one in the same) end up getting screwed.
In the meantime, if move move more from plastic to paper the paper eventually will decompose in a very short amount of time where the plastic stays around forever.
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