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Originally Posted by tummyman View Post
Nobody will probably care, but in my opinion, this "thing" does not fit on our beautiful lake. It just does not blend into our beautiful lake and makes the area look honky tonk ! I just don't think this is a business that the majority of folks on the lake would endorse. Nothing like this to adversely impact the neighborhoods. If it were temporarily parked in my neighborhood to operate its' business, I would be very upset. There are enough places for people to get beverages. Let's not mess up the scenery and tranquility of this lake we so much enjoy. Just my opinion......
This reminds me a an old tune... "Signs Signs everywhere are signs *&%!ing up the scenery"

anyway back tot the topic at hand
Life is about how much time you can spend relaxing... I do it on an island that isn't really an island.....
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