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Default ...... say yes to The Dive - Weirs Beach - 2019!

How's that sound to you .... The Dive - Weirs Beach - 2019 ..... it sounds great to me ..... seems like a natural .... would be a great fit .... a go-to spot .... a business booster for that Winnipesaukee Pier area, all summer long ..... this is such a good fit for that location, it is totally amazing!

Look, there is certainly no sand bar or wading area in that Flightcraft Marina spot, so there will be no boaters dropping anchor, and wading over to The Dive, that will not be happening. It will be a bar-restaurant-music zone directly on the water, and will probably attract a number of boaters, jet-skiers, and kayakers who just hang out, listen to the music, and go there as a place to go without leaving their vessel.

For something like 95-years, Laconia has been home to Bike Week, so between the Laconia Police and the Marine Patrol, it should be easy to keep the peace with The Dive. The Laconia PD patrols the area on bicycles, and the Marine Patrol on boats and jet skis.

It could be a very happening new venue that does good things for the whole Weirs Beach area. Sure, there may be a problem or two in the first year, that will quickly get ironed out, because probably everyone wants it to go good.

I just wish the miniature golf course was still there, and part of what's happening at Weirs Beach. So, maybe The Dive would be willing to revive and run the old miniature golf course, using it as an overflow area for their patrons waiting to get on-board, and giving them an 18-hole, Weirs Beach memory. Mini-golf could be alive at The Dive!
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