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Exclamation .... but Officer, this is a boat!

So, that will become a very happening and busy waterfront dock area, down there, at the long time home port of the 230' M/S Mount Washington cruise ship, plus her two sister tour boats the 74' M/V Sophie C. and the 68' M/V Doris E. .....US Mail Boat cruises ...... a busy, busy, busy, spot ..... what with all these moving tour boats, loading, unloading, moving out, heading in, parking, etcetera, a lot of moving parts here .... plus The Dive's drive-up boat window for food and adult beverages ..... plus all the other private boaters, kayaks, paddle boards, and jet-skis .... plus the boater gasoline station-dock ..... plus the Flightcraft marina .... plus the Weirs Beach public docks for docking a boat ..... plus the Weirs Beach beach and swim area ..... plus the boardwalk up top the steep embankment on the shore land.

Just add adult beverages to the mix?

The only thing that's missing is the miniature golf course, that was there for decades ...... and now it's gone ....and you know, if The Dive really happens ..... that miniature golf course could be a good side happening to co-exist along with The Dive ...... drink'n and miniature golf ..... a great combination ....... why not ..... just you watch this here hole-in-one here ..... I'll drink to that!

Ya knows ..... that miniature golf course will really be missed ...... I miss it already!

Seems like a happening spot for the Marine Patrol to stake it out, looking for .08-dui boaters ....... and, as you probably know, NH does not have an open container prohibition for boats like it does for cars ..... so's there's really no reason to hide it in screw-top plastic soda bottles.

As an historical side note here, did you know that both Doris E. and Sophie C., two sisters, are real people, and were both extremely good look'n, attractive women.
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