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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
These are some really nice 24" Husqvarna snow blowers for $699 was playing around with the controls again this morning .. my-my-my way far better than my 24" Troy-Bilt that cost me $549 . reduced from $599 .. it is huge and very heavy compared to the Troy-Bilt and even has an on/off switch for the two hand warmers within the two handles's about that! .. and when you depress both the auger and traction wheel levers, you only need one hand to keep both depressed down that's one hand operation with hand warmers yikes!

Is too heavy for me since I snow blow a hillside walk way that has like four very long steps .. so I need a lightweight machine to get it up onto each step .. but it sure is tempting? .. omg . what to do?

It could probably bury your $3300 Honda with the treads treads are totally not necessary and way over-priced .. compared to wheels w/ snow tires. treads are just more to break down and not work right .
Them there things on the Honda are called Tracks and not treads..wheels have threads.
I guess you could say the tracks have threads just like wheels do.

Anyway FLL, have you thought about giving this old guy a dime?? Us low income folks are being left behind while the YOU KNOW WHO CLAN are spending money like it grows on them there trees. I might even have to put my beautiful Honda $3300 track drive snowblower on craigslist just to pay my bills.
It's never crowded along the extra mile.
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