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DropCam was indeed bought by NEST a while back and they are essentially the same (forward & backward compatible).

Like ishoot, I have been using them for years as well .... I was using the dropcam with an aftermarket housing for exterior mounting and have not had any problems in the 3 years it's been operating ..... Santa just delivered the new NEST outdoor cam, which I will add to the collection of 4 installed currently.

As mentioned, they are SUPER Simple to set up ....all you need is a power outlet within 10ft of where you are mounting.... follow the 3-5 minutes of prompts (depending on how fast you type) and voila !

There are a lot of neat features that can be learned later like setting up motion sensing zones, alerts, etc -- which are all best done on a PC as opposed to phone or tablet.

For PC's, you access your cams through the NEST homepage by simply logging in (upper right corner)

If you need any help -- PM me.

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