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Default ...... wv ski cam?

Something new this year ....... a WV live cam .... with something like four different, base area, changing cam shots?

Attached to the second floor of the administration building, above the skier/snow boarder Sport Thoma store, under the eave; a Waterville Valley live 24/7 cam shot that captures the infield, Valley Run lift-left, White's Peak lift-right, and skier/boarder/pedestrian/night snow groomer activity.

That must be an icicle up close on the left ...... every once in a while ..... a drop of water runs down the icicle. is located about 35-miles from the big intersection in Meredith via Rt 25, Rt 93, and Rt 49....... take exit 28 off Rt 93....and it is 12-miles up Rt 49 ...... winding through the White Mountain National Forest .... with the police departments of Campton/Thornton/Waterville Valley all looking for speeders.

Did you know the U S Forest Service has 7.4-miles of designated multiple use trails for cross country skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, and bicycling that leave from both sides of the Depot Camp parking lot......deep in the north end of the Town of Waterville Valley. No trails pass needed to cross country ski these multi-use trails.......what you do need is a Forest Service parking pass, available for $3/car/day at the parking lot, or a yearly $20 windshield sticker....and these prices will probably be going up a little, sometime soon.

Cross country skiing or fat tire mountain biking the immediately nearby 70-km of WV- groomed and tracked trails costs $21/day for 2016-2017 for a trail pass.

#1 best view around of the WV-Mt Tecumseh downhill ski area is from the U S Forest Service multi-use trail ..... the Livermore Rd ..... which becomes basically a double-tracked, cross country ski trail during the snow season.

Hugh difference here between a sunny day, and a cloudy day ...... like no kidding ...... hugh!
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