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Originally Posted by Blue Thunder View Post
I've set up the cam using no ip I've got it working wirelessly but only on a LAN. I have the port forwarding all set up. I can't view it from the Internet (WAN) when I log in using my no ip host name I get the router log in screen. Any ideas?
Sounds like a port-forwarding issue, your router and camera are both responding on Port 80 (default port for web pages/interfaces).

Typically you set things like cameras to something other than 80 when setting up remote access, then you enter the URL with the new port specified, like ""

More importantly, your router shouldn't be setup to show the admin page to remote access users. There are security issues associated with doing that, not worth getting into here, but I'd suggest disabling remote admin/config access on the router. Doing that might also solve the port-forwarding problem because now the router won't try to respond to Port 80 for remote requests and should pass that through to the camera if everything else is setup correctly.
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