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Hi webmaster!

Thanks for the info. I looked into the stardot time lapse service, but I saw that it was ~$175/month. Is that what folks are paying? That is crazy expensive!

Next I looked at the weather underground but saw that the max image size is 150K (my images are 650K). So I don't think this will work. I got a 10MP camera for a reason. :-)

Lookr seems like a feasible solution (except for the embedding issue). I also read about but it's windows only, and I'm running a linux server. Might end up scripting something.

As for the web pages and gallery archives, is there a template or program that you suggest? For now, I just followed the example of the Echo Shores cam and edited the necessary links. It works, but isn't fancy.

Thanks again! I'll let you know when it gets installed. It will be at Trexler's Marina/Quayside Yacht Club and should have a pretty decent view.

I forgot to thank you for the tip on not sharing the direct link to the camera. I'm testing a service provided by I've seen some nice results and will check out your suggestion as well. It's an h.264 camera and seems to be well supported.

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