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Default I have Win 7. but...

Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
Doesn't work for me. I waited and waited for the applet to download. Nothing. Any ideas? Is it because I am on Windows 8.1?
I have had to help my sister in law with her Win 8 laptop. Downloading one particular application, I kept waiting for the info to appear at the top like the link page said it would. After waiting and waiting for the bar to appear, I closed the window and tried again. On the second try, it came up, and probably had the first time, as a short bar, maybe and inch or so long, at the lower left corner of the screen. Barely noticeable. Clicked on it and I was off and running, not without a slightly red face for missing the link the first time.

With my Win 7, Winnisquam cam site said the box would appear at the top. Didn't appear at the top, it appeared as a longer box at the bottom of the screen. Took about a minute to download the bar. Once I clicked, it took about 30 secs or so for the box to come up that asks for permission to make a change to the computer, and then about an equal amount of time for the cam to become active.

From my own perspective, sometimes embarrassingly so, I miss something that is supposed to be on the screen and unfortunately shows up where I least expect it. And sometimes it opens in a new window that is not visible, but is hidden by the first window.

BH sorry it is not working for you. Your problem may be caused by security settings in your browser. You could try using Google Chrome or Firefox as an alternative if you are using IE. Also, my wife had problems getting into a portal with her work with IE11, but when we tried Chrome, no problem. Might be worth a try.
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