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Originally Posted by Merrymeeting View Post
I just looked myself. Pricing and info are on

Are you using the regular or Pro version? Also I'd appreciate hearing some of the details on your setup. Is it inside? Given the clarity, it doesn't look like you are shooting through a window. The dropcam website says it needs to be installed indoors (or at least kept from rain and freezing temps). Based on the little research I've done, it's a good product but I'd like to see them come up with one that would work outdoors.
The price was $189 for the pro, I bought it at the apple store. Set up was minutes, you need a pc to initiate it or change to a new network (I set it up as test in CT and had to change the wireless when I got to the island so I brought my laptop. It really was a 5 min set up, once done, you unplug it and plug it into a wall plug and its up.

It does use a bit of bandwidth, I shut off HD and both inbound and outbound sound (you can talk to it through your laptop and people on the other ends can talk back) but that kills the bandwidth on the island as it's slow dsl there.

We did have it set up when the power went out and it came back online without issues. You have two options in viewing, real time or stored video, stored video has a monthly charge. On the temp. I put it in the freezer and it worked fine (Great vid of ice freezing).

It only does video, so it you want to have it send a pic every so often, there is not a setting for that. The lens is a fisheye so positioning to get a good pic was tough, but once you do, its a great wide angle pic. It has controllable zoom and it has smart phone apps and if you make it public, a live link that you can share. The vid was through the slider and still clear, there is an infrared setting that works great, issue is that with the glass reflection is doesn't work for where we have it.

All in all, great toy, good quality, easy to set up. Hope that helps.
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