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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
This thread is going to turn into a Republican vs Democrat argument and should be locked.
Self-fulfilling prophesy?

This is the first use of either or those terms in this thread. Also, no mention of "conservative" or "liberal" at all. Racial bias is rooted in ignorance, not political bent. There are folks that like to yell "racist" to deflect attention from their own doings, but that, too, is independent of political "flavor".

My thoughts on the matter can be summed up in a few words. [Please note that the word "you" is a general term, and does not necessarily apply to any member of this forum.]

If you are a racist, you are an idiot and I wouldn't waste my time trying to educate you. If you are not a racist, but use language that makes people think that you are, then you are also an idiot. In the latter case, you have my sympathy --but not much. Finally, if you use race-baiting, falsely accuse another of being a racist, use the term without knowing what it means, or tar with a broad brush any community or group that contains a racist, you are despicable.

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