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Totally agree he needs to go. But the one thing that almost bothers me more is the repetitive insistence in the news article to remind everyone just how 'white' the town and State are. What's the point here ? It shouldn't matter if it's 99% white or 2% white this is still completely wrong regardless of the demographics of where it occurred. This should not be about race at all and to keep pointing that out just comes off wrong IMO.

As for the Commissioner, I can't imagine he can stay in this position. Plus his additional comment of "For this, I do not apologize. He meets and exceeds my criteria for such" is just off the charts ignorant and reprehensible. I do agree he has the right to say this and everyone has the rights to their opinions, right or wrong, but keep it in private and if you are a Public Official be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Too bad this will make National news and perpetuate a false image of our lovely State...
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