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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
For those who don't have a Garmin or know what I'm talking about, this picture shows the "approximate navigation line."

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I noticed you don't have a heading line enabled. On my Garmin I needed to do the following steps to enable it. I find it VERY useful.Mine is 1 mile long and uses COG data.

From a chart view, select
Menu> Chart Setup> Chart Appearance> Heading Line

If necessary, select
Source and select an option:
To automatically use the source available, select
To use the GPS antenna heading for COG, select
Heading (COG)
To use data from a connected heading sensor, select
To use data from both a connected heading sensor and
the GPS antenna, select
COG and Heading
This displays both the heading line and the COG line on
the chart.

Select Display and select an option:
Distance > Distance
and enter the length of the line shown on the chart.
Select Time> Time
,nd enter the time used to calculate
the distance your boat will travel in the specified time at
your present speed
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