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Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
While I don't disagree with this in full.... Understanding the navigation aids will help you on other Lakes in NH where Bizer or others haven't created charts... But then again if you don't go boating other places well.......

I am sorry and I am not trying to make light of the truth of your statement, but that is like saying, you don't need to know the rules of the road to drive a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't imagine trying to help other people navigate around the lake, let alone teach my kids to do so with out understanding the SPAR system... And how are my kids doing with it ??? They are learning, and we discuss where north is and what side of the mark they are on etc. even when I am driving....

In reality you shouldn't need to rely on a map... or chart plotter, yes they are helpful, but they are really just aids, just like the markers themselves... It does really bug me when people start relying on modern means, instead of learning the basics which are really easy....

Now with that said, if anyone wants to go out in a boat for an on the water lesson with me and my kids, I love teaching people how to get around the lake, and to do so with confidence...and be able to tell someone why they are on the side of a marker they are on.....

I guess I can't argue against having a full understanding of the nav aids, but the Bizer chart really does take the guess work out of knowing what side of the marker to be on at least on Winni. Like I said as long as you know where YOU are the chart is basically foolproof. Relying on a GPS is definitely not best practice. At least with the chart you will have a better memory of where the markers are on your next time out.

With that said I can't believe how many people I saw on the wrong side of markers this weekend. The part be Eagle island is painful to watch. I am surprised more people don't hit the rocks in there. Must be just deep enough for most although it looked really shallow when I was in there last year helping a fellow boater out...
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