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Originally Posted by AC2717 View Post
one major difference between the two is that SeaTow does not charge for Dock to Dock towing, where BoatTowUS does. So if you boat is broke down on the dock and you need a tow you will be paying a discounted tow rate for BoatTowUS, where Seatow will not charge you as it is apart of the package

Also when you call SeaTow you get the local captain directly instead of a dispatch. If you buy Seatow at the boat show it is a discounted rate that stays with you when you renew every year and also you get a $20 or so discount on your renewal with a referral
A couple questions: what do you mean by dock to dock? As best I know, BoatUS will tow you anywhere and the only limit (for the regular plan) is you can't be on your own dock. You just need to be on a dock that is "not permanent."

Also, anyone know if there's a direct line to the lake's BoatUS guy?

Finally, SeaTow is $110? BoatUS is $70 and comes with a magazine and pro-boating advocacy.

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