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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Dropping in the broads makes sense. I had that initial impression too, then I wondered...
Were there teams on the surface to collect the boats after drop? Might they have been closer to shore, say along the marked aircraft landing strips?
There wasn't much gas around here in those days. The airplane could fuel up in Manchester or Plattsburg, but gas for boats was virtually non-existent during the war, right?

If there was no surface crew nearby, dropped boats could have drifted, probably south, from the broads. After all, the lifeboats were designed to float, unlike all the "wrecks" that were scuttled intentionally.

Maybe a story in the Weirs Times with a different readership than the Forum, would turn up somebody who heard a story from grandparents that would give a clue?

Interesting thread.
The dropped boats actually had gas and a motor on board as well as food and supplies I believe for 30 days. Diver111 can tell us and knows much more more about it than I do.

I would think rather than remove the boat from the lake after trying them out, they simply sunk them....not certain though.

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