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Arrow PBY Patrol/Rescue Craft, Known as "Dumbos" During WWII...

Originally Posted by Diver1111 View Post
Further research has turned up the following shots taken by an airman from his big bird-and done on a practice run over a "Lake Washington"-so yes, they did practice over lakes. Makes Winnipesaukee an even more promising site for my search.
There's a Lake Washington a short flight to a WWII B-17 airfield located at present-day Sebring International Airport, Florida. (Named for Henry Washington, the surveyor!)

Originally Posted by Diver1111 View Post
Dan Simpson on Welch sent me this link showing a drop of a life boat. Thank you Dan!
Scroll to 1:21, and you'll see the dropped lifeboat sailing on a lake that looks suspiciously like Lake Winnipesaukee! (Though I don't recognize the hills and mountains in the film).

Lifeboats were also dropped from Coast Guard PBYs—a likely source, being inland.

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