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Originally Posted by Ryan View Post

He stated that for people with normal vision (20/20, corrected to 20/20, etc) 150' is just about the point where you can make out the bow numbers on a vessel in your vicinity.
This is a very bad approach to use in my estimation. By the time you can read bow numbers and compehend that you are you are easily with 150' of the boat. Hence this is more of an approach to tell that someone is within 150' of you..... but not that you are within 150ft of someone else. People just need to learn to give each other room.

Speaking of room, I had an incident this weekend where some "bonehead" wouldn't give me any as I rounded a marker. I saw him and he saw me.....head on approach to some degree, and although I did my best to give him adaquate room, he made no effort what so ever to give me room...... even though he had about 1000' of room to move over into.......
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