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Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
One thing about the 150' rule. I think that some people that feel boats are too close, not yourself specifically, but many boaters, don't really know what 150' is. It does get harder to measure distances on the water. I don't relate to feet on the water, but yards and miles. 150' is 50 yards. Not nearly as far as some think it is.
My very first time operating a watercraft on Winni, I was launching at Glendale and an MP approached me after I had to rev the engine to avoid an engine stall. He informed me about the 150' rule (which I knew from my boating certificate) and gave me a good piece of advice.

He stated that for people with normal vision (20/20, corrected to 20/20, etc) 150' is just about the point where you can make out the bow numbers on a vessel in your vicinity.

I use this each and every time I'm on the lake.
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