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One thing about the 150' rule. I think that some people that feel boats are too close, not yourself specifically, but many boaters, don't really know what 150' is. It does get harder to measure distances on the water. I don't relate to feet on the water, but yards and miles. 150' is 50 yards. Not nearly as far as some think it is.

For my guide, I think of closer distances in golfing terms. 50 yards is a good 60 degree lob wedge for me. Someone in my boat said I "appeared" to be too close to another boat. In fact, I was about sand wedge distance, or 100 yards away. That's 300 feet, our limit is 200', quite a contrast. 50 yards seems to most people to be much further away than 150'. Mind playing tricks.

In the real world, a 150' rule needn't be rigidly applied. In tighter channels at slower speeds, common sense applies? If I had to slow to headway speed getting out of my bay every time I was closer than 200', the constant speed changes would result in tidal waves after awhile Part of the problem is that there are oftentimes a dozen or two large sailboats leaving the bay, spaced around 300' or more from each other. They form a blockade, and make boat traffic snake in and out and all around them.

This weekend is a large Laser class racing series. Ought to be interesting.
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