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"I have seen absolutely no difference on the lake with the speed limit. I don' t
feel one bit safer, in fact, I think the 150' rule is way out of control this year and that is the one that we should worry about.
Where do legislators get these ideas from ? The vocal minority?

I could not agreemore with his statement. I have a boat that weighs 25,000 lbs and cannot go 45 mph even if I wanted to, and I am constantly getting passed by boats within 30 to 50 feet of me! There is absolutely no consideration of the 150' rule and very little enforcement of it (due to limited resources). 99% of the boats passing within 50 feet of my boat are not even capable of going over 45 mph.
The money spent by the proponents of the Speed Limit would be much better spent on increasing the budget of the MP to allow for more enforcement and education on the lake. Some guy doing 70mph in the broads is the least of our concerns, we should be focused on the guy coming out of the channel doing 25 mph 25 feet off your port side!
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