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Originally Posted by tis View Post
Where do legislators get these ideas from ? The vocal minority?
When you vote nannys to the legislator, you get nanny laws. Narrow-minded people who think they know best. They're the ones who told their kids "Don't play outside, you might get hurt". And "Don't keep score -- someone's feelings might get hurt if they lose".

They grow up believing everything is evil, and there are bullies behind every corner. And only they can solve the world's problems. They're basically control-freaks, and when they get legislative power, they abuse it. And they certainly don't understand what it means to be a free American. In fact, I doubt any of them really understand America, and certainly not New Hampshire.

How did they get this power? From the rest of us. We voted them in. Apathy. Or stupidity on our part. Do you expect them to keep any promises? No way -- they have their power, their agenda, and they will do everything they can to permantly install the nanny state -- for our own good, of course!
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