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Key statements for follow-up, referenced from the original article in Post #1

"Bosworth talks at length about the
impact of the fast boats on the novice
boaters and the fact that even experienced
boaters have altered their use of
the lake because of their fear of those
who travel at high rates of speed."

"Pilliod suggests that “The culture of
the lake has started to change.
was what happened on Lake George in
New York. Enforcement officials there
have told us that education has had as
much to do with slowing down traffic as
enforcement of the speed limit laws.”

It sounds to me like nothing has really changed. Even though traffic is down on the lake due to weather and economic realities, it appears people have altered their behavior on the lake to ward off Captain Boneheads. You can't argue against fear and perception, but you can argue facts. The facts to start with are pretty easy.

Earlier this year, the MP had a statement in an interview that the MP hopes people don;t get their expectation up, because speed wasn't that much of a problem to begin with. The detractors challenge this argument, but not face to face against the MP (which would undermine their cause).

The last statement above indicates that LE has told them that education has as much to do with slowing down traffic on Lake George as the law itself.

Here's where the semantics come into play. Absolutely nowhere will you see anyone reference the bowrider that crashed there last summer on land. Number one, it was not a GF boat, and number two, it was an intoxicated driver. You won't see much press on the PWC that crashed into the swim platform of a moored boat either.

There are parts of the law that can, and should, be kept in place. The MP needs something with teeth in it to stop suspected boaters. Suspected of being BUI, or suspected of being reckless and dangerous. No, this does not mean stopping a boat at night doing 20 mph and saying he was speeding.

The only way this works is if an organization is formed that truly is unbiased. One that encompasses all boaters. Kayakers, other paddlers, small boats, large boats, sailboats, everyone on the lake. It's an organization that should have contact with, and the admiration of, the MP headquarters. Not only an advocate of boaters, it should open up communications between the media, the MP, and the community at large. When the media seeks a statement, This organization should always be ready to speak up.

Guys like Bosworth go uncontested in the news, spouting their crappola whenever they see their agenda losing ground.

You get something like this BS in the paper.

"For Sheldon Bosworth,
spokesperson for WinnFAB
Family Alliance for Boating
Safety), the data is

A pretty narrow definition of Safety. A cursory review of their website shows that they've done nothing but be a Proponent of the SL law. It kind of reminds me of the of 55 mph debates. Remember that there would be "Blood In The Streets" if the highway speed limit was raised to 65 mph? Yup, their gone. LEO's concentrate on the real offenders, for the most part. Since the change, highway safety has been fine overall.

If Mr. Bosworth was at all interested in safety, his organization would do more than just advocate for the SL law. Perhaps they should just be replaced by an organization that really cares.
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