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Default The Proper Way To Win - Speak The Truth

As those with time to spare have proven, if you talk to the right people, organize a little, and put out mis-information in all the right circles, your odds of winning are much higher. So, right back at em.

The MP knows full well what this new law would produce, little or nothing. They also knew the proponents would be disappointed, and warned that they shouldn't expect a deluge of violations. Because as Barrett said himself, it wasn't that big a problem to begin with.

Most people on most lakes, performance boaters included, know full well that the problem lies in enforcement. There are irresponsible boaters on everything from kayaks to triple-engined speed merchants. The proponents of the law knew that. They also knew that funding was inadequate, but did nothing to assist the process. Some Proponents have also indicated, both in writing and insinuations, that their main intent of the new law was to eliminate a certain group of people from the lake itself. That's quite a heady goal in the United States, given this country's propensity to save everything from endangered species to providing special rights to most every special interest group that exists.

The media and the public need to be educated, not brainwashed. If a small group is very vocal and outspoken, they can offer up a number of miss statements as they did last year. It was a popular time for them to succeed at their little project. Even though the outrage at the time was over a particular one or two accidents, neither involving speed, it worked. Their intent wasn't safety at all, they were prejudiced against a group of boaters they don't like, and probably have never met. Most of the ones I know of are pretty decent people, and are far more responsible with their boats than the general boating population. Admittedly, some are not.

So maybe now it's time for the rational boaters to have their say. For every proponent that wants to "change the culture" of the lake, there are at least that many that can rattle off a variety of safety issues on the water that go unexposed to the public eye. The general public only reads what they read, and watch the stories that they see on the news. If they hear a story where a High-Speed Performance Boat crashed into an island, they naturally assume that a Big Bad Fast boat crashed at high speed and these people need to be stopped. Ditto with the previous accident, which was arguably at a pretty low speed.

TV crews need to have their thirst quenched for newsworthy stories like this. They were duped, now maybe it's time to enlighten them. Video is a Very Powerful Force on TV news. There should be enough footage in one weekend to fill a documentary. Spokespeople against this law shouldn't use the same, immature and unhelpful tactics that groups like Winfabs used. Honesty works. While most acknowledge that the intent wasn't safety, that needs to get out in the public eye. There was a bad accident recently in Texas that involved a couple of wakeboard boats, one of which was driven at night by a drunk. Not much of a surprise to many of us. A woman was interviewed and noted that the problem now is speed, "those Cigarette Boats". LOL Not a one involved. Just as last year's tragedy proved, it was the individual that made headlines, the rest was inferred.

Most law enforcement people can tell you pretty quickly what the problems are on the lake. Whether their budgets and time allow them to do anything about it is another matter altogether. Groups like Winfabs don't care about the MP budget, and obviously don't care much about the Captain Boneheads out there. If they did, they would devote their attention to the real safety issues, not demonizing a particular group of people or their boats.

So how does one proceed?

NWZ means just that.

150' violations are pretty easy to shoot video of

Many of the recent statements (this year) made by proponents of the law itself should be quite damming in a nation of laws and common sense.

A brief review of the last 30 years of history of accidents on Winni alone would reveal that someone wasn't telling the truth last year. It would also indicate where the main focus should be.

Also, adopt a Rule 6. Keep the provision in the current law, and make sure you promote the aspect of Safe and Prudent Speed. If someone's out there flying around at 80 mph between boats in a congested area, bust em.

This cannot be a Pro Speed movement. I don;t care who you are, you'll never win anything. Be Pro Safety, Pro Common Sense. If you want to be against anything in particular,

Be the

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