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Default Do something

Last time most opponents of the speed limit did not believe it would ever happen. There were simply too many powerful organizations and individuals that would protect everyone’s freedoms and there was no way it would be taken away by the special interest groups. There was simply no need for the average citizen to get involved, the belief was common sense would ultimately prevail.

The proponents of the bill were certainly the vocal minority but they were organized and determined to have their agenda pushed through. The proponents are still active. They want to make this law permanent before the “sunset” effectively eliminating any reflection, evaluation or opposition.

I don’t doubt it’s the Captain Boneheads that are the real problem. I would rather share the lake with 200 GFBL (excuse me performance boats) than one Captain Bonehead. We can sit and debate how Darwin was right or we can start to get our lake back.

I urge everybody to get involved before it is too late. Please open the thread not only to debate but to set a plan of action. We need to let the legislators of this state know we are the vocal majority and WE VOTE.

I will get off my soap box now.
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