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Default Open it up

Speed has never been the real issue on Lake Winnipesaukee. The argument that peed has been the real issue was a pure fabrication by those with another agenda that happen to have enough money to push their cause.

Enforcing all of the laws in place last year (2008) will solve 99% of the real boating issues on the lake today. I believe that was also the opinion of the head of the NHMP.

If the bill to make this ridiculous speed limit permanent is going forward, in the interest of fairness, it is time to reopen the old thread or allow a new thread to open with some restrictions, such as one post per day.

Those in opposition to the speed limit cannot let the fictitious and fabricated spin of the few who seem to have the politicians in their back pocket continue to have their way without the ability to comment.

Again, we have our boneheads on the lake. They are the real issue. Speed is not.

Let freedom ring!

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