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We have a Harman P43 that we bought 8 years ago from Fireside Living in Laconia. I have run about 25 tons of pellets through it with no failures so far. The I clean the stove when the ash pan is full after 16 to 22 bags of pellets, depending on brand.

My only minor complaint is that the auto ignition could work better. Sometimes the ignition is slow so that pellets are just starting to push over the edge of the burn pot when ignition takes place. The stove has two modes: auto ignition and manual ignition. In the auto mode the stove will shut down if no call for heat and then restart when there is a call for heat. The manual ignition takes about 45 seconds with a propane torch which I often use. In the “manual mode” the stove will still follow a temp setting automatically increasing or decreasing heat output. In that mode it will not shut off if no call for heat. Instead, it will go into a minimum burn rate mode until there is a call for heat.

Our previous pellet stove was a top feed Enviro that had to be shut down once a day to clean the burn pot and empty the ash pan. Over about 8 years all three motors failed (feed auger, combustion bower and circulation blower). the igniter was replaced twice, and the circuit board replaced once.
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