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Default Loma Prieta...

Originally Posted by Dhamma View Post
A couple of years ago we had a decent earthquake, but it happened in the summer. First time that I felt like I was living in a rubber house.
If it happens on a weekend in the winter, it will be a disaster.
The noise from that earthquake is something I will never forget. It was like hearing the bowels of the earth regurgitate.

An earthquake like that in the east, would be very devastating. All those brick factory buildings?

San Fran had a few shakers while I was in The Lakes Region a couple months ago.

Returning, I found plaster damage and damage to exterior wooden siding that split at certain junctions of pressure. Not sure how much damage, because it is four stories high and will need scaffolding to get to. The openings are large enough to be a moisture concern in the rains.
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