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Default Nh co-op power outages

Is anyone else experiencing almost daily power outages? The power goes out for a few seconds (just long enough to have to re-set the clocks) and comes back on. This has been happening in my neighborhood in Meredith.

I called NH Co-Op and they told me the problem was with Eversource! WHAT? I asked what Eversource had to do with it and she said that we get our power from them and they had some issues over the weekend. First of all, the issue has been going on for far longer than this past weekend and second, why do we have NH Co-op if our supplier is Eversource?

She then went on to say that I may need an electrician. I told her that my neighbors were also experiencing this issue and the problem was not localized at my residence. She said the outages were not registering on their system and that it was important for people to call in and report. So, if you have also been experiencing these annoying outages, please call and report @ 536-1800. Thanks.

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