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Wink Hey docs333

docs333 I suppose I missed what you were trying to say and I did prove your point for you It happens right? What I was trying to say is I don't think they are neccesarily all the ones who failed miserably to be regular law enforcement officers. I am sure there are many who by choice would rather be MP's than what we refer to normally as "cops". Also if they can't fit the bill to be a "cop" I don't think it's all that easy to become an MP instead. I think those frustrated ones you describe usually become security guards, and yes their failure can certainly reflect in their attitude and work.

Anyone remember the movie National Security? A group of security guards are at their "graduation" and the person who is holding the ceremony goes over the items the guards should carry with them at all times. Pepper spray, walkie-talkie's, and some quarters to call the Police if something real bad happens?
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