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Originally Posted by jeffk View Post
I would wonder if one town could modify current use. It seems like there has to equity across NH towns to maintain fair taxation. That seems to make it a state issue?

As to Bob Bahre's property, it should be properly appraised for its current value. I don't feel sorry or anything for Bob's "problem" but he deserves equal treatment under the property laws. I appealed my tax bill and got an abatement years ago. Everyone has that right. It feels like a little jealousy over someone's success is coming out. Too bad.
Not jealous but when you go big you're problems become bigger also. So he created his own problems by building something too big for the community and now it's the towns fault that he can't sell it?. I certainly don't feel bad for him but he's entitled to do what he has to do if he feels he's been singled out unfairly.

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