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Thumbs up introducing the WV-Ford Taurus sedan-Tennis Open-2020

April 18, 2020: the live shot is still working and shows what's left of the man-made snow with its water content and durability higher than most natural snow.

The snow is still somewhat there, and the people are all not present. The road to the ski area, Ski Area Road is closed to non-authorized vehicles and blocked with wooden horses, orange rope, and warning signs about one mile down the hill from the ski area.

What you see here will probably remain empty of any people until next Saturday Nov 21, 2020 ...... weather depending.

Waterville basically has no off-season, summer time use for the ski area so's it has no business up there to lose due to the coronavirus. Nothing ventured, nothing lost! If you walked around that there base area with four quarters in your pocket on July 4th, there would be no place and not even a vending machine or pay phone to spend it. A few years back, at least there was an outdoor pay phone, but not any more.

Seems like a strange business with maybe 20-million dollars invested into original purchase, and expansion and equipment and it is all closed from March 18 to November 21, this year.

Not such a good year?

Don't most ski mountains find some type of alternative, off-season use like holding yoga jamborees or something. Maybe an international tennis tournament ...... the Waterville Valley-Ford Taurus sedan, Tennis Open-2020 .... how's that sound!
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