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Originally Posted by TheProfessor View Post
Got real good all weather tires. Highly rated on highway and in snow and rain.
Like the tires.

Then decided to replace the 13 year old spare tire. With same brand/model tire. Bought one tire.

Found out that these tires are directional. Correct. Didn't do my homework.

So now I have a spare tire that only can go on one side. So I was told at tire place in Laconia. If I get a flat - make sure that it is on the drivers side only.

Neat !
I wouldn't worry about the directional if it is temporary. Unless you plan to use it when rotating your tires, then yes driver's side only.

You're going to love the all-weather tires year-round. I have WRg4 on German cars and WeatherReady on domestic cars and trucks.
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