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Default Hi-Gloss kudos

In another thread, I recommended Miles Marine for transporting boats with two good experiences.

Actually, as I think about it, I had a third move last winter. Out of the barn to a local specialty shop (Hi-Gloss) and back a few weeks later. So effortless, it slipped my mind.

I recommend Hi-Gloss too. They removed all fittings, got down to bare wood and 6 coats of varnish. Also did some teak work, rebuilding seats and arranged for a sub to do upholstery; scraped, sanded and painted the bottom. Routine email photos as work progressed. A small deposit to assure me a place in their busy schedule, then periodic billing as work progressed, so no huge bill all at once, and no surprises even though we added some projects as we went along. Another five stars.
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