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Default Island Web Cam

Snake Eyes is also an Axis 2110. The big advantage is that it is a webcam and computer all in one, so a separate computer and upload program are not needed. The program in the camera uploads an image as frequently as you set it to using FTP to a website of your choosing. The program is fairly limited as compared to programs that you can install on a standalone computer with a camera attached. For instance, I have Snake Eyes set to upload a picture every 10 minutes and to load 3 before overwriting the first image. For that reason the picture on the main page of is there for 30 minutes before changing. There is another page that has the last three images uploaded on one page. This way you can see what has gone on for the last 30 minutes, 10 minutes apart. More sophisticated programs rename the pictures so the main picture would be always 10 minutes apart, such as the one on the WeirsCam. If I were a linux programmer I could write a program for my camera that would do more things.

The issues I have had were mostly the very new v.92 modem I purchased. My ISP's Wolfeboro phone numbers do not like my modem as it comes out of the box. I spent a lot of time figuring out what to tell the modem (initialization string) so that the answering modem would accept the call.

My camera is outdoors and has a Pelco (brand name) outdoor enclosure. This unit has heat, but I did not have time this fall to figure out how to turn it on. It was not intuitive. The camera is rated for as low at 40 degrees fahrenheit, but has operated just fine this winter with much much lower temps. I also had issues with the size of the hole in the bottom of the enclosure. The connectors on the cable for the modem and the ethernet connection to the router were too big for the hole. Don Hughes soldered a new cable for Snake Eyes and I had to cut off and put on a new connector for the router.

Things to look for when buying a camera
  • Is is a webcam that will upload images or does it need to be attached to a computer?
  • What is the resolution and size of the images, the larger the image the better, but larger images take longer to upload and download.
  • Is the image going to be nice and sharp. You get what you pay for. The image on the wolfecam and streetcam are much sharper than on Snake Eyes.
  • Do you have a phone line (or high speed access to the internet)
  • Where will you mount the camera to keep it free from snow as well as people walking by.
  • Will you be mounting the camera outdoors? If so, you will need an enclosure. ($60-$150) The camera will need to be of such a size as to fit into one of these enclosures. Some camera companies also sell enclosures.
  • What methods does the camera use to change the settings? You will need a computer to do this either locally or from a dial up line. The camera I have uses a serial cable or ethernet cable to connect locally to my laptop. I opted to use a wireless router that makes the connection a snap. I can sit inside the house and connect to the camera easily. I could also connect to the camera from as far away as the router will operate (several hundred feet). If we ever get high speed internet access on the island I have all the equipment I will need. A serial null modem cable or an ethernet crossover cable works as well, but I found the camera had spotty performance from both.
I would not buy this particular camera again because I would like a sharper image. At some point I would like to get a camera like the stardot megapixel camera. I anxiously await the new weirscam to see what Don is going to buy.

Ask more questions and I am sure all the webcam operators will be happy to answer.
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