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Ok, so we had settled on a Blackstone at Heath's Ace but figured we'd check out the Napoleons at Lowe's just to make sure.

They didn't have any, but they did have a clearance Blackstone 28" with cooking tools AND cover for $166ócha-ching!

The people who assemble them had stripped a screw for one of the end tables, so I had to borrow their tools to drill it out, but it's in the back now as we eat some delicious Lee Wah Chinese food.

It's heavier duty than I would've guessed, but it's certainly not a lifetime grill like the Webers/Napoleons. I figure it'll give us a few years to decide if we like the griddle, though, and who knows?

Now I've got an extra $280 for that derailleur/shifter combo!

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