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I have not used my grill in probably 7 years after getting a black stone. They are awesome. The ideal setup in mind is a blackstone and a Franklin offset smoker.

My brother in-law has the griddle insert for his grill. It is not even close to the same thing and he is planning to get a Blackstone.

The amount of cooking space on a 36" grill vs 36" griddle for some reason is not the same. You can cook so much more in a griddle surface.

Couple tips for the black stone. Learn how to use a cast iron pan and just apply the same care technique. Everyone is going to tell you to use hi temp oil to season, however they chip. I suggest olive oil even though everyone will say that is wrong. Also only buy a model that has a cover. Whoever's idea it was to sell blackstones with no cover/lid should be fired.
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