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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Went again last night when dear wife said she wanted "comfort bar food."

We got the same waitress, in a much better mood—maybe she remembered my tip, maybe she was having a better day.

They were out of A LOT of what we had gone there for: onion rings, chicken fingers, sweet potato fries...which forced us to choose to leave or try other stuff, so we went with the latter.

Loaded fries, pulled pork sandwich, macaroni and cheese bites, and tater tots were new tries added to mozzarella sticks and wings. Again, all were awesome.

My only real issue with the place—other than the hardcore biker thing with swearing and having to walk The Gauntlet to get in—is that their soda materials don't seem to be kept cold so the ice melts quickly, watering everything down. Not a huge deal, but weird (not as weird as The Gauntlet, but still).


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