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Asking for prayers from my forum friends for Roy Small. Roy has become something of a local celebrity and mascot for the Chaos and Kindness crew of Recycled Percussion. Roy, who was a Roy Orbison tribute performer in his former life, is in his 70s and afflicted with the long term affects of a stroke. He was befriended by the guys from RP and has been back on stage with them recently. He took a fall at his home and is in the hospital with some broken bones but his spirits are good. Hoping and praying for a speedy recovery for this truly remarkable part of the Lakeport community. Many thanks to Justin, Ryan, Tony and all of the Chaos and Kindness Family for the love and support they have shown this man.

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We went to the Recycled percussion show in Concord on Saturday night and Justin reported that Roy is out of ICU and into a regular room. He's doing better. Shout out to Belknap Tire, Dairy Queen and Naswa Resort for their warm thoughts for Roy displayed on their electronic signage in front of their businesses. They are a class act one and all.

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