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Arrow 9' x 6' floating raft mat

Noticed the Plymouth Walmart has a new item in their seasonal water swim area, today, that looks like a good new item.

For $164.88 it is a 6' x 9' x 1 1/2" floating mat capable to hold 4-6 adults. It weighs about 20-lbs and has two holes with grommets that can be used for tying it to an anchor on the lake floor, or else for towing with a line from a boat moving slowly.

Color: light blue on one side, light yellow on other side.

Is like a portable raft that moves with the waves. It comes rolled up with two straps. Walmart has 12-floating mats for sale at Plymouth store.

Is made out of three layers of high density foam, somewhat like a swimmer's noodle that's been remade into a floating, flexible mat and looks like FABULOUS fun out there on a sunny day with moderate wind and waves! .......
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