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Some older, more experienced mechanics ("technicians") love the opportunity to work on older engines. e don't all ahve confience in additives, but if a little STP improves the compression, that might give a sense of direction. Why did the numbers drop if the engine hasn't been used for several years?
Most professional mechanics disavow the value of ethetr (Starting fluid, weasel piss in my day) but it may help to fire he engine and burn ot wateber old gas is in the system until you can get fresh gas flowing,. with some anti E-10 stabilizer. Your engine may need to be re-tuned to compensate for E-10. I don't know. just free lancing my old time thoughts. It used to be simple: air, fuel, ignition. Now it's air, mixed fuel, ignition, electronics. "There's an app for that."
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