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Originally Posted by chasedawg View Post
Does any one know why the offer by Camp Belknap to write a check for $1.5M to the Winchesters with no contengencies, no planning board meetings, not one of the 250+ signing a petition has been turned down since the offer was made to the owner Winchester's back in January 2019?

The Winchester keep giving extensions for the last 7 months since the P&S was signed back in October, 2018. Yet the Winchesters sold 1/3 of the island to Camp Belknap back in 2010. This does not make sense. Something is really going wrong in any kind of logic. WMUR and other local news outlets are starting to ask the same questions

How and why would anyone want to go through the trouble of all the pain of permitting and cost of development with 300 local folks saying... NO!!

This whole deal is really need to be investigated further. There are so many questions about what is going on here.
Check this out....Great article.....has all the facts correct. But there is even more to the story! Stay tuned.
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