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Question Where do you want to be

Originally Posted by rmorse27
We have a Dock space at the house we are renting for Labor Day week.
You've no doubt already read the pro's and con's to valet/trailering/slip rental. Before I'd advise which is for you, I'd really have to ask where on the lake do you want to be and then figure out what option fit's that location. Some people want to have little boat traffic and like the Moltonborough end of the lake for that reason. A slip or valet service in Paugus Bay isn't going to fit their desires very well. Other's may like going to & from the lake's hotspots and having a short distance to the shops in Meredith or Weir's activities. For them something in Paugus Bay might work best. I guess I'm saying first figure out where you'd like "home base" to be and then figure out what's convient for that location (reiterating what camp guy said earlier).

Also how often do you plan to be at the lake ? I see you're renting for a week but are you thinking of renting for weekends (or perhaps for a season) or doing daytrips or eventually buying a place ? How far/long a drive is it for you to get to the lake ? Renting a seasonal slip doesn't make much sense if you're up only for 2 weeks a year and trailering can be a hassle if you're doing a 300 mile trip every weekend. Nothing kills enjoying your new boat than all of the hassles (and expenses) that come with getting to & from the water. Pick the option that minimizes what irks you and maximizes what you like, and not just about boating, but rather you entire lake lifestyle. I'd think more about this than resale value and/or wear and tear. The latter may be important but enjoy your time here first.
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