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Wink Cheap gas - but that inexpensive ?

Originally Posted by Good N' You?
RMorse, if you are going to Paugus, you should launch your boat at Lakeport Landing. I think they only charge $15 bucks and they also have the cheapest gas on the lake. Around $2.05/gallon!!!! From there, its only a short 5 minute no wake zone to Paugus Bay. Brian
Around $2.05/gallon!!! That's a super low price. Alas, I assume you really meant $3.05/gallon!!! Which is still a good price.

At $2.05 I'd be there tomorrow to fill up my van, boat, lawn mower, snow blower and all my spare 5 gallon gas cans

Lakeport Landing usually does have the lowest gas prices on the Lake. I don't recall if it's 89 octane but I recall one Marina somewhere on the Lake was selling 87 while all others had 89.

Have a great time enjoying the Lake.

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