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RMorse, if you are going to Paugus, you should launch your boat at Lakeport Landing. I think they only charge $15 bucks and they also have the cheapest gas on the lake. Around $2.05/gallon!!!! From there, its only a short 5 minute no wake zone to Paugus Bay.
As for trailering your boat, I would vote against it. And here is why, If you spend a full day in your boat, you get pretty tired. Even if your just lounging around. Having to deal with the crowded boat launch and already being tired is not a way I want to spend my 4+ months of boating. I would go with a dry berth. No wear on your boat, they pick it up with a fork lift and tuck it nicely away till your ready next time. It is expensive, but way less than having a slip and again, there is no wear and tear on your boat.
Just my opinion.
Good luck,
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